Our Commitment

We Are Committed To Our Communities

For more than three decades, NPCDC has been quietly leading in our nation’s capital in supporting the people and their communities in common efforts to preserve and enhance our shared, lived environment. ? Our resources, expertise, and volunteer time have already borne significant and tangible impact in critical areas of community development — and NPCDC thrives when, by its doing good, people in the community do better.

We Are Committed To Providing:

Affordable Housing?… By advancing affordable housing, NPCDC Cares develops strategic partnerships with social, educational and religious organizations that focus directly on building and preserving affordable housing in the capital region. We also are at the forefront in supporting effective community organizations that seek to raise awareness and advocate for innovative approaches to the issue of affordable housing. Whenever possible,?we actively seek both to support and receive contributions from the community, private donors, and other organizations in an effort to significantly reduce all reliance on public funds?for life skills education, family strengthening initiatives, after- school and summer youth enrichment, programs for the elderly, and much more.

Education??… Dedicated to the education of children and their families, NPCDC Cares creates and maintains strategic partnerships with organizations that focus directly on literacy and early education as well as those organizations that pursue broader community-based education initiatives, such as AppleTree Early Learning and Catholic Charities.

Health, Well Being and Environmental Stewardship?… Committed to healthy communities, NPCDC Cares provides?healthy food, basic needs, career development and other essential support not only to those living in the corporation’s properties, but also in the community at large, with an emphasis on?the importance of environmental stewardship and healthy nutritional habits.

NPCDC is committed to continuing its work with a steady stream of new projects in the pipeline for the next 5 years.

+Refinancing, rehabilitation, and expansion of our existing projects Stanton Park Apartments from 62 to 130 units and Douglas Knoll Apartments from 184 to 310

+Continuing our work with the local tenant groups with two TOPA based projects in Southeast, DC with a total 400 units

+Expansion of low-income housing services into Virginia with the Townhomes at Warwick Place in Richmond Virginia

+Increasing the scope of our Resident Services Program to include life coaching as well as the expansion of Artifex Construction to support the Resident Services Program’s funding for staff and new programs

+Developing a commercial / office component to support the economic development of the communities we serve. Including the redevelopment and buildout of 22nd and Alabama from fast food to commercial / medical offices and the development of Capitol Heights 8000

+Continuing to develop our relationships with Carr Companies and Atlantic Pacific providing resident services to low-income and affordable housing developments

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